December 15, 2011


This week's pick comes from none other than Drizzy Drake!

His second album came out back in November, and i was surprised that i actually like it. I'm a Drake fan, but wasn't sure if he'd do as well with this second album...anywho, one of my favs is the track called 'Take Care' featuring Rihanna! The beats alone are infectious, and these two together!!


ps. TORONTO!!! STAND UP! (gotta rep my city ;))


December 6, 2011


This is a LONNNNG over due post, considering Ive been doing u-part wigs since 2010...any who, better late than never!

This hair technique has taken the YouTube world by storm!! lol everybody has hoped on the u-part bandwagon, and they should!

Honestly, this technique is soooo convenient and easy to do!

What is a U-shape wig?
A. U-part wigs are wigs that leave a portion of your hair out at the front.  As a person is coming to the near top of the the wig, they simply would lay the final track in a u-shape.  After that, they would just cut out the U and either:

1. sew on weave clips to each side and snap it into your hair
2. sew the entire unit to your head, with having your desired amount of hair left at the front and blend

confusing?? :S

Maybe so, its hard to explain it all in words, but the procedure itself is easy to do.

There are many different materials and techniques to do a u-part wig..everyone has their preference.

Anywho, U-part wigs beat sew in weaves anyday. If you use clips, you can easily remove the wig each night.  Also it makes it easier to take care of you real hair compared to having a sew in weave. Its another great protective style as well!



Hey there!!
soo...I feel like I haven't been paying much attention to my ima TRY and do more posts and of my loves is MUSIC..yet i don't mention it as much as i used to when I first started it! from now on, ima have a post called "SONG OF THE WEEK" merely being a song that I'm really liking at the moment, or a song that may be old but still a banger! lol

Miguel and Wale on set of video

Presently I'm really really REALLY like A LOT OF SONGS lol..but ill keep it simple and just post one at a time..


This weeks song Nigerian-American Rapper: WALE

His album "Ambition" came out back in November and when i went through the album this song "LOTUS FLOWER BOMB" became an instant fav!! Its featuring RnB singer Miguel (aka Mr.sure thing)


PS. not really feeling the vid THAT much, hence why i just posted the song without visuals.



December 5, 2011

I got a RELAXER!

So...i finally got my hair relaxed...this was my LONGEST STRETCH EVER! 7 MONTHS AND 2 WEEKS (30 WEEKS)...and i must say...BLEH! I will just stick to my 4 month stretches...yes my hair grew a lot, but i also experienced a major set back about 3 weeks ago.  After removing a sew in weave i had in for 10 weeks...i must of not combed everything out well enough because after i had washed and conditioned my hair, my entire head was a TANGLED, MATTED MESS! It took my mom 4 hours to get through it the end i was left with a sore scalp and a lot of hair...LOSS!! *tear*  any yea..i feel i was at APL (armpit length).. (which was my goal!) but now after the matted nest to the relaxer and trim..I'm just pass shoulder length...SIGH! all that work, gone down the drain...such is life..its only hair, BUT it still sucks.

As the new year approaches, I will keep better track of my hair growth progress...


November 27, 2011

Product Review: Korres Face Primer

Hey Everyone!

I'm really gonna try to post more during the new year lol..any who, I purchased this product months ago and said id do a review of it, so here it is!

Item-Korres Face Primer

The package states it's a silicone free, skin perfecting and a moisturizing make up face primer with vitamin E. It has a bunch of great natural ingredients such as Jojoba oil and sunflower oil.  It states that most of the total ingredients (98.93% to be exact) are from natural origins. Its pretty much suppose to be an organic/natural face primer.

My Purpose
So as i got more and more into makeup i researched stuff and noticed that people would use make up primers.  So i figured id invest in one..but which one was the question.  Make up primers are used to help prepare you face for makeup.  They help reduce fine lines and makes the foundation go on more smooth.  They are also suppose to allow your makeup to last longer.  
So i noticed that there were different types...silicone's vs non silicone's..(I'm not gonna get all into the debate of that) but pretty much i decided to go the more natural route and avoid a mainly silicone primer.  I went to Sephora and purchased the Korres face primer.  It had great reviews.

My Opinion
So i started using the Korres primer and HONESTLY...*thumbs down* it wasn't that great.  Yes my face was moisturized and my makeup went on smooth, but i really didn't noticed a different between when i used it and when i wouldn't use it.  Compared to me just using my regular moisturizer and then applying my makeup..there wasn't a different.  In terms of longevity of my foundation...SAME THING! I didn't find that the primer made my makeup last any longer than it usually would...*WOMP WOMP*

As a moisturizer sure, its a face primer..MEH... i give it 2/5 stars!!


October 15, 2011



Its been a while, im so terrible at this whole blog thing...but i am going to try and update more often!

I dont even know what to talk about right now, so much new and different events have taken place.  I guess this will be a minor update post!

sooo, pretty much my webcam on my laptop broke, so i have been unable to do videos :( :( womp womp! but, i recently just purchased a new webcam, so i will be up and running soon enough! :) woot!


Im currently 5 MONTHS POST RELAXER!!!! =O

And I currently have a sew in weave in.. my first time using virgin hair...its virgin malaysian wavy hair from NR HAIR GROUP.  Ive had it in so far for 6 WEEKS, and its doing pretty good! going to try and keep it in for a few more weeks...

June 26, 2011

Curling Wand Love!!

So...i recently purchased a curling wand...the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium to be exact..and i just tried for the first time yesterday and LOVE IT!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE???? LIKE seriously...I'm one of those people who struggle using curling irons..i always seem to get a dent o_0...and my curling with a flat iron skills have only somewhat improved...its a gamble each time i try..either it works and i have wonderful waves and curls..or it fails and left with bent up hair...more so the latter than the former takes place...but this, THIS right here...on the first try there was a nice, soft, wavy, loose curl.. *EUREKA!*
noooo longer will i have to struggle to get wavy/curly was a good day...

so, details about the product..its heats up to 450 degrees F...has a dial so you can control the temperature..made from titanium, which helps with eliminate heats up SUPER fast..easy maintenance and storage.. and i got it in the size 1 1/4 which is equivalent to a 3/4 barrel.. =)


May 31, 2011

ANOTHER POLISH Haul...can we say new addictions? (eik!)

So...I took a lil trip across the border recently and got some new polishes! WOOT! Any who I picked up the OPI Glam Slam...Its a lil 2 piece nail lacquer kit.  It has the Spark De Triomphe...which is basically a silver glittery polish and..don don da donnnnn...the White Shatter! *squeals* Now, where I went I had a lot of options..there was also the china glaze shatters...but i sure they do the same thing..but i started with might as well continue..RIGHT? :S...Any who...I tried the white shatter and its pretty nice...i still don't know which i like better though the black or white...RIGHT now there about tied..hmmm

oh..also, i picked up my first CHINA GLAZE polish..(yes yes i know, im late) but i never really see it around where i live...any who..i had to control myself with those i only got one...its called HAPPY GO LUCKY...its a BRIGHT YELLOW! Im quite pleased with will be one of my summer staples!

*swatches will be coming soon*


May 14, 2011


So, I recently discovered the O.P.I SHATTER NAIL POLISH and had to buy it! and i must say it pretty cool!
I also got the O.P.I Top Coat, because 1. i don't have one 2. figured i should just invest in one, and i was surprised at how much of a difference it made. it truly added shine to the nail colour. 

while visiting Sephora i got this nail polish, Hi-Def..its a nice BRIGHT orange, which i think it great for the upcoming summer!
And I also purchased the Sephora Collection Lip Stain in the colour FOREVER FUCHSIA! Its a satin finish cream lip stain.  I was a bit iffy when getting it, since it was kinda bright, but just went for it and happy i did! its soooooo nice! and its long lasting!!  I wore it out but topped it with MAC's Ample Pink Lip glass. and it was a perfect blend.  But even alone the lip stain works.  I think I'ma invest in another one...I'm thinking of the bright red..probably the ALWAYS RED one! =)

1. OPI Top Coat Nail Polish

2.Shatter by OPI Nail Lacquer

3. Sephora by OPI- HI DEF 

4. Sephora Collection Lip Stain- Forever Fuchsia


May 10, 2011

HAIR UPDATE i havent really discussed my hair too much...but i will say that right now I'm 18 weeks POST RELAXER...and my stretch is going pretty well...I'm hoping to relax it either this week or next. the new growth is INTENSE!!

I'm almost at APL (arm pit length) ALMOST!!!! *sigh* Ive already passed the collar bone so woot! and i hope my ends aren't too bad...this healthy hair journey ain't no joke!


April 26, 2011

And I Wonder....

I recently came across this passage and feel i should take some points from it. 
It says a lot.  in life we tend to complain a lot about stuff..when instead we should be making the best of things, and living life to the fullest.

Let your hair down...and enjoy LIFE!

April 3, 2011

Forever XXI and H&M HAUL: SPRING ED.

SOOOOOO....I'm yet to do a fashion here goes...

First of all i have to admit, My name is SimplyAlluring and I am a Shop-a-hol-ic!!

Yes, i confess, i love to shop..but at least i know i have a problem..from time to time it gets better, but then new season begin and i just cant help myself! =D

Anywho, here are some of the stuff i have gotten recently

SOME of the stuff from forever xxi

 I got this animal print top...

  There was this jumper...which is soooo nice..on her! lol...

But when i tried it was just way too fitted for my liking...tried on small then jumped to large and it was still to tight at the bottom... *sigh* o wells...


As for H&M..welll just check out the vid! =)

Till next time..

March 26, 2011

New Additions: Aphogee ..???

So, i decided to change up my hair regime a bit and add some new products.  I didn't really have much protein in my regime so figured i should get some. i did some researched and decided to get the Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor and the Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer. 

I read a lot of good reviews on these two products.  The 2 minute is a wash out conditioner while the keratin and green tea is a leave in.

So far..i dunno =S...i used the 2 minute reconstructor back in January before i got a sew in weave...and then when i took the weave out and washed it, again using now both of these products, i found  my hair was breaking ...a lot...and still is! =(! so i have no clue..these are the only things i changed about my regime. but I'm going to continue to use them and see. since I've only used them 2 or 3 times. if my hair continues to break then i will stop. 
I don't know it if just winter time and my hair is just going through something or what. but my next wash, I'ma not use either of these products and see if the breakage is the same or not.

I don't wanna make any other conclusions on these products...I'm sure there good, just maybe not for me. Ill do an update next month!

till then,


March 23, 2011

HAIR TALK 101: Wigged OUT!

Soooo...i made a custom quick weave and/or wig for myself! WOOT!

I was not sure how it would turn out :S but quite happy with the results!! I get compliments on my hair alll the time! =)

     Items used:
  • Styrofoam head
  • weaving net
  • needle
  • thread
  • weave-i used 14" and 16"
  • scissors

Pretty much just placed the weave net on the head and started sewing...and when i got to the closure part i sewed a tiny circle but still wasn't too sure how to do the closure by sewing so i just glued it in...

I didn't do it in one don't know exactly how long it took..heres a vid (my first one *squeal*) of me just kinda talkin bout it..


WHY? Well for one, I wanted to give my hair a break so figured this would be a great way advantage to wigs is that you can take them on and off each day and it makes it easier to take care of your real hair underneath...for example to moisturize and seal every night... also its a great protective style, especially in this chilly winter/spring season of ours.
Also, by doing it on my own, I save money. If i didn't like it, i could only blame myself. Sometimes you go to hair stylists and you don't like the finished product, either because its not how you wanted it or how you expected it to turn out... and your stuck with it and most likely wasted money paying for it. #justsaying



March 7, 2011

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead...SONG OF THE DAY!

Well, this is just a quick post. Just wanna put the spotlight on ADELE. Shes an English singer and song writer..who i feel has BEEN slept on, but her light is shining much brighter now!  At only 22 she has already won a Grammy in 2009 for best new pop artist. And I feel its only the beginning for her, cause her voice is just so infectious and beautiful! Her debut album "19", featured songs such as 'Chasing Pavement', 'Cold Shoulder', and 'Hometown Glory'.

And now her 2nd album "21", features this song, 'Someone Like You', 'Rolling in the Deep' and 'He Wont Go'. Her album seems to be doing extraordinary in the UK..which is great!! I just hope more ppl in the Americans take in her music..YOUR MISSING OUT if your not! lol




March 5, 2011


So, these are just some of the recent purchases i have made.

1. MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Powder

2. MAC eyeshadow-TEXTURE

3.Korres Face Primer

4. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer

5. Black Opal Fade and Conceal

Have I tried out all of these products yet? Yes.

However, Im not yet ready to do a review on them.  Just giving it a bit more time.  I will say however, so far so good, no major complaints! :) 

I purchased the MAC products from the MAC Store. The Too Faced and Korres Primers from Sephora.  And the Black Opal from the BSS.


March 3, 2011


So this is my FIRST official hair talk post.  When I'm gonna talk about hair or hair techniques and styles, i will be titling the posts as HAIR TALK 101.  Any who, this first feature is about Crochet Braids. This technique is mostly known and used by African, Caribbean and African American women.

Pretty much you cornrow about 10-20 braids back, and then take some hair extensions, usually bulk type of hair (human or synthetic) and then latch hook strands of the hair into the braids.

What's great about it is that it involves no glue, no caps, and no leaving of your hair out.  its a great protective style for anybody, and is especially good for females who are transitioning from relaxed to natural, or even natural ladies who want to switch things up a bit.  Another benefit is that it allows your hair to grow tremendously and takes less time than doing single braids.

Ive been wanting to try this technique for a while.  After stumbling upon it sometime last year on YouTube, it looked so interesting.  This week i did it for a friend, and it came out pretty well.



Notice how the top view looks like it her OWN hair!! no worries of trying to blend your hair with the weave. :) *bbm dance icon*

Anywho, for this technique you will need:

1. Know how to or know someone who can cornrow real good/decent!!!
2. About 2 packs of hair bulk (from BSS)
3. A crochet hook/latch hook (from BSS)
4. Possibily a needle and thread just to sew the ends of the braids together if there hair is long. (from BSS)
5. Time and Patience! lol

It wasnt too bad, the longest part was probably the braiding. I didnt go straight back, but did a slight angle. 

Next time ima be tryin this style on myself, and i cant wait!

Till next time,

January 23, 2011

NEW POLISH!! (mini haul/review)

You know when you out shopping looking for a particular item and then, while finding that item, you just end up getting something completely random...just cause, it was a decent price and seemed like it would come in handy someday?
Well if you have or haven't, that's how i ended up with this nail polish. I got it from a clothing was at the cashier counter..i just liked the colour and it was a decent price. Whether the quality was good or not, I wasn't sure, but I figured MEH, its only 4 bucks, so why not?

                             HAPPY I DID THOUGH!

This is L.A. Girls Disco Brites and I LOVE IT!! The colour is such a nice bright pink and goes on smooth! Even after one coat it looked great, no streaking or anything. I still did two coats though just to ensure it would last!

Would I purchase this product again? MOST DEF!!!!


January 3, 2011


This is my first time mentioning my hair...I believe I have Type 4 terms of A or B, I'm not sure...Anywho Im 17 weeks POST RELAXER! aka 4 months and a week! *WOWZERS* Im going to be getting it relaxed tomorrow..woot! There has been a lot of new growth but i hope i still see it after the hairdresser trims (CHOPS) my ends =( *sigh!*
Till then...xo

Miss. Erykah Badu [Source]


Good Day!
[DISCLAIMER:] I am in NO WAY affiliated with this company! i purchased this product with my own money. Thank You.

So, as a gift to myself, i ordered the 88 Matte Eyeshadow Palette from I ordered it in December and it was on sale at the time...and i believe the eye shadows and other makeup products are still on sale. 

It came in a box wrapped in paper and those bubble sheet things..after unwrapping it, there was this box...

And once i took it out of this box, and opened it, i found this wonder..

Looks pretty nice...from neutrals and highlight colours through the rainbow it pretty much seems. yellows, orange,greens, blues, aquasviolets, purples, fuchsias, pinks, and even RED..and browns, silvers and black..i only played with some of the colours and did some swatches. So far it seems highly pigmented. For New Years Eve I used one of the greens and it was pretty nice, I'm impressed. I just hope all the colours in this palette do justice. Either way, for the price you cant go wrong.

Some time in the future Ill do a full review of this palette, and maybe even a tutorial :S
Til then, so long! ...xo

January 1, 2011


Happy New Years Everyone!!
2010 was a great year for me! and as my fb status said,

"..2010, the year of accomplishments, reconnection and reconciliations!! =) I'm ready for the New Year!"

And this statement is very true! As I think about the past year, although it was good there were still those bumps along the way. And when i think bout the people who helped me through,other than my family, I think about my FRIENDS!!
"I get by with a little help from my friends."
- John Lennon
And i did. Some are new some are old, but either way overall good people. I just want to say THANK YOU! Thank You for being a friend!

I think C. S Lewis put it best with this quote,

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one."

And although I would love for these friendships to last a  lifetime, if they don't i would understand...everything happens for a reason and i would remember the good times we had...

"...because there's a blessing in every lesson, and I'm that i knew em at all" -India Arie