December 15, 2011


This week's pick comes from none other than Drizzy Drake!

His second album came out back in November, and i was surprised that i actually like it. I'm a Drake fan, but wasn't sure if he'd do as well with this second album...anywho, one of my favs is the track called 'Take Care' featuring Rihanna! The beats alone are infectious, and these two together!!


ps. TORONTO!!! STAND UP! (gotta rep my city ;))


December 6, 2011


This is a LONNNNG over due post, considering Ive been doing u-part wigs since 2010...any who, better late than never!

This hair technique has taken the YouTube world by storm!! lol everybody has hoped on the u-part bandwagon, and they should!

Honestly, this technique is soooo convenient and easy to do!

What is a U-shape wig?
A. U-part wigs are wigs that leave a portion of your hair out at the front.  As a person is coming to the near top of the the wig, they simply would lay the final track in a u-shape.  After that, they would just cut out the U and either:

1. sew on weave clips to each side and snap it into your hair
2. sew the entire unit to your head, with having your desired amount of hair left at the front and blend

confusing?? :S

Maybe so, its hard to explain it all in words, but the procedure itself is easy to do.

There are many different materials and techniques to do a u-part wig..everyone has their preference.

Anywho, U-part wigs beat sew in weaves anyday. If you use clips, you can easily remove the wig each night.  Also it makes it easier to take care of you real hair compared to having a sew in weave. Its another great protective style as well!



Hey there!!
soo...I feel like I haven't been paying much attention to my ima TRY and do more posts and of my loves is MUSIC..yet i don't mention it as much as i used to when I first started it! from now on, ima have a post called "SONG OF THE WEEK" merely being a song that I'm really liking at the moment, or a song that may be old but still a banger! lol

Miguel and Wale on set of video

Presently I'm really really REALLY like A LOT OF SONGS lol..but ill keep it simple and just post one at a time..


This weeks song Nigerian-American Rapper: WALE

His album "Ambition" came out back in November and when i went through the album this song "LOTUS FLOWER BOMB" became an instant fav!! Its featuring RnB singer Miguel (aka Mr.sure thing)


PS. not really feeling the vid THAT much, hence why i just posted the song without visuals.



December 5, 2011

I got a RELAXER!

So...i finally got my hair relaxed...this was my LONGEST STRETCH EVER! 7 MONTHS AND 2 WEEKS (30 WEEKS)...and i must say...BLEH! I will just stick to my 4 month stretches...yes my hair grew a lot, but i also experienced a major set back about 3 weeks ago.  After removing a sew in weave i had in for 10 weeks...i must of not combed everything out well enough because after i had washed and conditioned my hair, my entire head was a TANGLED, MATTED MESS! It took my mom 4 hours to get through it the end i was left with a sore scalp and a lot of hair...LOSS!! *tear*  any yea..i feel i was at APL (armpit length).. (which was my goal!) but now after the matted nest to the relaxer and trim..I'm just pass shoulder length...SIGH! all that work, gone down the drain...such is life..its only hair, BUT it still sucks.

As the new year approaches, I will keep better track of my hair growth progress...