December 6, 2011


This is a LONNNNG over due post, considering Ive been doing u-part wigs since 2010...any who, better late than never!

This hair technique has taken the YouTube world by storm!! lol everybody has hoped on the u-part bandwagon, and they should!

Honestly, this technique is soooo convenient and easy to do!

What is a U-shape wig?
A. U-part wigs are wigs that leave a portion of your hair out at the front.  As a person is coming to the near top of the the wig, they simply would lay the final track in a u-shape.  After that, they would just cut out the U and either:

1. sew on weave clips to each side and snap it into your hair
2. sew the entire unit to your head, with having your desired amount of hair left at the front and blend

confusing?? :S

Maybe so, its hard to explain it all in words, but the procedure itself is easy to do.

There are many different materials and techniques to do a u-part wig..everyone has their preference.

Anywho, U-part wigs beat sew in weaves anyday. If you use clips, you can easily remove the wig each night.  Also it makes it easier to take care of you real hair compared to having a sew in weave. Its another great protective style as well!



  1. Thanks for the informative post. You were just awesome while explaining your points. I've been wearing wigs for a very long time and prefer to buy it online from this store of Elevate Styles. I really liked your demonstration. Thanks once again :)

    1. Hello Kate!

      So sorry for the delay! Thanks for much, I'm glad you found it to be informative!
      one reason i started making my own wigs is because i found the ones in the stores didn't fit me right. But glad you've been able to find them from Elevate Styles!

      Take care

  2. Very informative post! I have not so good hair so i use wigs some times.Human hair extensions are preferred over synthetic because they look more real and natural than artificial ones. Unlike synthetic, human hair also feel softer and finer because they are made from real human hair.
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  3. Hi Lia!
    Thanks for much! Glad you were able to get something out of it! :)
    And yes, i prefer human hair extensions as well! They last longer and do look more natural like you stated!
    Take care!

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