January 8, 2012

Healthy Hair Journey!

sigh...its 2012, and i have a lot of things i wanna get done.

Ive been on my healthy hair journey for a year now..i was doing good until i had a major setback. so this year my goal is to go from shoulder length (SL) to armpit length (APL). Right now I'm a little past shoulder length.

Just gotta stick to what Ive been doing..refresh my hair routine a bit, and hope for the best! One thing I'll have to do is STICK to my regimen! lol i tend to start and then get lazy with some of the routines..(ie. daily moisturizing and sealing).

So this is a challenge for myself...SL TO APL!



January 3, 2012

song of the week! azonto MADNESS

So...this week ima post 2 songs, since i missed last week!

So, theres this dance craze taking over called "Azonto" (A-ZONE-TOE)...its from Ghana, West Africa! (my homeland, brap! ) and is pretty dope..its been around for a bit, but now is becoming more global..the great thing about it, is that theres no one way to do the dance..its sort of a freestyle...


First video is from Fuse feat Tiffany-Azonto

Second video is by Keche- Sorkode

I LOVE this beat, gets me hyped EVERY TIME!!



Just wanna say happy new year to all!

Hope everyone has a great year!

2012..lets get it!