January 1, 2015

Happy New Years! 2015


So, its the year 2015! wow! can't even believe it! And one of my goals is to show more love to my blog! AND I MEAN IT THIS TIME! *lol*  

As we start this new chapter with this year, just remember that all things are possible if you put your mind to it! It may not be a smooth road, and you may experience many challenges and road blocks along the way. BUT! As longs you don't give up and stay determined you will reach your goal!

That's all i wanted to say, so if you had something in mind or have been wanting to do something, then instead of still thinking about it, JUST START! start somewhere but just put those thoughts, wishes and dreams into ACTION! 

That's all i wanted to say for now. This regular blog posting will be a challenge, i ain't gonna lie, however I'm willing to GIVE IT A GO! 

April 3, 2014

Clearly I suck at blogging...BUT a change is gon' come! :D


This is bad! 0_o 
I haven't posted since 2012! I really do suck at this blogging thing, however I want to and WILL change that. I will try to post more regularly and consistently!

Topics to look forward too!

  • Product Reviews
  • Hair Tips and Tricks
  • Make-up Hauls
  • Clothing Hauls
  • ...and possibly some more!
A lot has changed over this time, but I hope to keep you posted on this journey! 

Later Days,


January 8, 2012

Healthy Hair Journey!

sigh...its 2012, and i have a lot of things i wanna get done.

Ive been on my healthy hair journey for a year now..i was doing good until i had a major setback. so this year my goal is to go from shoulder length (SL) to armpit length (APL). Right now I'm a little past shoulder length.

Just gotta stick to what Ive been doing..refresh my hair routine a bit, and hope for the best! One thing I'll have to do is STICK to my regimen! lol i tend to start and then get lazy with some of the routines..(ie. daily moisturizing and sealing).

So this is a challenge for myself...SL TO APL!



January 3, 2012

song of the week! azonto MADNESS

So...this week ima post 2 songs, since i missed last week!

So, theres this dance craze taking over called "Azonto" (A-ZONE-TOE)...its from Ghana, West Africa! (my homeland, brap! ) and is pretty dope..its been around for a bit, but now is becoming more global..the great thing about it, is that theres no one way to do the dance..its sort of a freestyle...


First video is from Fuse feat Tiffany-Azonto

Second video is by Keche- Sorkode

I LOVE this beat, gets me hyped EVERY TIME!!



Just wanna say happy new year to all!

Hope everyone has a great year!

2012..lets get it!

December 15, 2011


This week's pick comes from none other than Drizzy Drake!

His second album came out back in November, and i was surprised that i actually like it. I'm a Drake fan, but wasn't sure if he'd do as well with this second album...anywho, one of my favs is the track called 'Take Care' featuring Rihanna! The beats alone are infectious, and these two together just..work!!


ps. TORONTO!!! STAND UP! (gotta rep my city ;))


December 6, 2011


This is a LONNNNG over due post, considering Ive been doing u-part wigs since 2010...any who, better late than never!

This hair technique has taken the YouTube world by storm!! lol everybody has hoped on the u-part bandwagon, and they should!

Honestly, this technique is soooo convenient and easy to do!

What is a U-shape wig?
A. U-part wigs are wigs that leave a portion of your hair out at the front.  As a person is coming to the near top of the the wig, they simply would lay the final track in a u-shape.  After that, they would just cut out the U and either:

1. sew on weave clips to each side and snap it into your hair
2. sew the entire unit to your head, with having your desired amount of hair left at the front and blend

confusing?? :S

Maybe so, its hard to explain it all in words, but the procedure itself is easy to do.

There are many different materials and techniques to do a u-part wig..everyone has their preference.

Anywho, U-part wigs beat sew in weaves anyday. If you use clips, you can easily remove the wig each night.  Also it makes it easier to take care of you real hair compared to having a sew in weave. Its another great protective style as well!