January 3, 2011


Good Day!
[DISCLAIMER:] I am in NO WAY affiliated with this company! i purchased this product with my own money. Thank You.

So, as a gift to myself, i ordered the 88 Matte Eyeshadow Palette from www.bhcosmetics.com... I ordered it in December and it was on sale at the time...and i believe the eye shadows and other makeup products are still on sale. 

It came in a box wrapped in paper and those bubble sheet things..after unwrapping it, there was this box...

And once i took it out of this box, and opened it, i found this wonder..

Looks pretty nice...from neutrals and highlight colours through the rainbow it pretty much seems. yellows, orange,greens, blues, aquasviolets, purples, fuchsias, pinks, and even RED..and browns, silvers and black..i only played with some of the colours and did some swatches. So far it seems highly pigmented. For New Years Eve I used one of the greens and it was pretty nice, I'm impressed. I just hope all the colours in this palette do justice. Either way, for the price you cant go wrong.

Some time in the future Ill do a full review of this palette, and maybe even a tutorial :S
Til then, so long! ...xo

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