November 27, 2011

Product Review: Korres Face Primer

Hey Everyone!

I'm really gonna try to post more during the new year lol..any who, I purchased this product months ago and said id do a review of it, so here it is!

Item-Korres Face Primer

The package states it's a silicone free, skin perfecting and a moisturizing make up face primer with vitamin E. It has a bunch of great natural ingredients such as Jojoba oil and sunflower oil.  It states that most of the total ingredients (98.93% to be exact) are from natural origins. Its pretty much suppose to be an organic/natural face primer.

My Purpose
So as i got more and more into makeup i researched stuff and noticed that people would use make up primers.  So i figured id invest in one..but which one was the question.  Make up primers are used to help prepare you face for makeup.  They help reduce fine lines and makes the foundation go on more smooth.  They are also suppose to allow your makeup to last longer.  
So i noticed that there were different types...silicone's vs non silicone's..(I'm not gonna get all into the debate of that) but pretty much i decided to go the more natural route and avoid a mainly silicone primer.  I went to Sephora and purchased the Korres face primer.  It had great reviews.

My Opinion
So i started using the Korres primer and HONESTLY...*thumbs down* it wasn't that great.  Yes my face was moisturized and my makeup went on smooth, but i really didn't noticed a different between when i used it and when i wouldn't use it.  Compared to me just using my regular moisturizer and then applying my makeup..there wasn't a different.  In terms of longevity of my foundation...SAME THING! I didn't find that the primer made my makeup last any longer than it usually would...*WOMP WOMP*

As a moisturizer sure, its a face primer..MEH... i give it 2/5 stars!!


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