October 15, 2011



Its been a while, im so terrible at this whole blog thing...but i am going to try and update more often!

I dont even know what to talk about right now, so much new and different events have taken place.  I guess this will be a minor update post!

sooo, pretty much my webcam on my laptop broke, so i have been unable to do videos :( :( womp womp! but, i recently just purchased a new webcam, so i will be up and running soon enough! :) woot!


Im currently 5 MONTHS POST RELAXER!!!! =O

And I currently have a sew in weave in.. my first time using virgin hair...its virgin malaysian wavy hair from NR HAIR GROUP.  Ive had it in so far for 6 WEEKS, and its doing pretty good! going to try and keep it in for a few more weeks...

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