May 31, 2011

ANOTHER POLISH Haul...can we say new addictions? (eik!)

So...I took a lil trip across the border recently and got some new polishes! WOOT! Any who I picked up the OPI Glam Slam...Its a lil 2 piece nail lacquer kit.  It has the Spark De Triomphe...which is basically a silver glittery polish and..don don da donnnnn...the White Shatter! *squeals* Now, where I went I had a lot of options..there was also the china glaze shatters...but i sure they do the same thing..but i started with might as well continue..RIGHT? :S...Any who...I tried the white shatter and its pretty nice...i still don't know which i like better though the black or white...RIGHT now there about tied..hmmm

oh..also, i picked up my first CHINA GLAZE polish..(yes yes i know, im late) but i never really see it around where i live...any who..i had to control myself with those i only got one...its called HAPPY GO LUCKY...its a BRIGHT YELLOW! Im quite pleased with will be one of my summer staples!

*swatches will be coming soon*


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